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Wednesday Wine Thoughts

We’re half-way to the weekend, but there’s no reason to wait! What will you be drinking tonight?

Customers often ask, “What do you prefer? Red or White?” My honest answer? “Both!” I love to start with a glass of crisp, palate cleansing white wine like Chateau Recougne Blanc from Bordeaux, then move on to red with dinner. Which red wine we drink depends on what we’re eating, but we don’t hold tight to rigid wine and food pairing rules.

Our rule of thumb is to match the regions. If we’re cooking up Middle Eastern fare, we’ll open a bottle of the surprisingly tasty Turkish Kavaklidere from Yakut. Say that after a few glasses! If JF is cooking up some of his hometown favorites, we’ll head straight to the French selection.

Wine is meant to enhance an already pleasurable experience, help you relax after a day of work or compliment a delicious meal. It’s never meant to be stressful, so forget what the books and experts say! Just enjoy.


Pinot Noir – the thin-skinned grape

Pinot Noir  (pronounced pee-noh-n’whar) is known by wine makers as one of the most difficult grapes to grow. Yet, when they get it right, this red wine is complex, elegant and seriously good.

One of the characteristics of the grape is its thin skin.  This means less tannin, that bitter, drying component found only in red wines.  Pinot makes a great choice for white and red lovers alike, especially those who are looking to meet in the middle and for people who are just beginning to experience the wonderful world of Red wines.

Pinot Noir pairs well with a variety of dishes and is often considered one of the world’s most versatile pairing wines! Chicken, Lamb, Pork… saucy or spicy… Pinot Noir is a safe bet.

Come in this Saturday and taste it for yourself!



Perfect Pairings this holiday season

Nothing pairs better with wine than good food and friends. This holiday season we’re here to help you with both!

Need to brush up on your food and wine pairing skills? Check out our new Food & Wine Pairing class on Saturday, November 12th! We’re teaming up with local private chef and sommelier, Torrence O’Haire, a.k.a the Starving Artist.

We can also provide you our services with:

Menu Consultations, including wine & food pairings

Private Parties/Events – guided wine classes, beverage service, or hire a private chef to wow your guests, but relieve the stress!

In-Store Classes – We offer wine classes every Saturday, but we’re happy to arrange another date or time for you and your friends.  Wednesdays or Saturdays, or any other with 10-days advance notice.

Let us know how we can be of service!


A grand Grand Opening and Sampling Saturdays

We couldn’t be happier! Our Grand Opening Celebration was truly a success and we owe our thanks to you. We appreciate every person who walked through our doors and took time to sample a little wine with us, participate in a class or just stop in to see what we’re all about. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Congratulations to the winner of our Gift Basket Giveaway! The winner has been notified and we’ll announce that person’s name soon.

 Now, down to business! Sampling Saturdays start this weekend. From 2 to 5pm we’ll take you down under where the water drains the wrong way, winter is summer and people drink upside-down. Just kidding about that last part!

When they drink it is divine! Join us for a taste of Leeuwin Estate’s beautiful blend of Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon. Crisp and bright, it’s perfection in a bottle!We’ve been to this gorgeous vineyard in Australia’s Margaret River and can’t wait to taste it again with you.

Our red selection is from South Australia’s Ben Glaetzer. Medium-dry and Full-bodied, this 2008 Heartland Shiraz is sure to whet your appetite!

And our favorite discovery from this vast land: Sparkling Shiraz! Don’t miss the chance to taste something uniquely Australian.

See you Saturday!

Local First!

 The French accent from half of our team may have thrown you off, but it’s true! We are a locally owned business. We’ve called  Grand Rapids “home” for 6 years this month! 

I am proud to be a Michigan girl through and through, born and raised in the Detroit area. Admittedly, I may be a just a touch French after 11 years with my better half!

As world travelers, we carry wine, food and accessories from around the globe, but we are most excited to feature some of West Michigan’s finest artisans.

Visit our store to see the beautiful ‘Slumpy Bottles’ created by Shannon Nelson of Cadillac, take home and taste the delicious Patricia’s Chocolate made by Patricia Christopher in Grand Haven, greeting cards and bookmarks (perfect for the selection of wine books we have) handmade by Kellie Gauss of Moline and  handcrafted wine coolers and goblets by Fennville’s Lee McKee.

Those products, plus the best of Michigan wines, are a testament to our love of and belief in West Michigan! Come in and see, touch and taste for yourself just a small piece of what makes Grand Rapids great!

You don’t have to look down anymore!

Not our shelves!

Ever notice how most stores stock their expensive wines on top and the cheap ones at the bottom? We have.

But don’t be mistaken, price doesn’t always reflect quality. And at Sense of Wine, you don’t have to crane your neck, in either direction, to find a great wine at a great price!

Our shelves will hold only good quality wines at affordable prices. At least they will once we get our liquor license!!! 🙂

 We rarely spend more than $20 on a bottle of wine and we don’t think our customers should have to either. That’s why 99% of our wines range from $10 to $25. Because you can find a good wine that costs less.

Check back soon for information on our grand opening!