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Wednesday Wine Thoughts

We’re half-way to the weekend, but there’s no reason to wait! What will you be drinking tonight?

Customers often ask, “What do you prefer? Red or White?” My honest answer? “Both!” I love to start with a glass of crisp, palate cleansing white wine like Chateau Recougne Blanc from Bordeaux, then move on to red with dinner. Which red wine we drink depends on what we’re eating, but we don’t hold tight to rigid wine and food pairing rules.

Our rule of thumb is to match the regions. If we’re cooking up Middle Eastern fare, we’ll open a bottle of the surprisingly tasty Turkish Kavaklidere from Yakut. Say that after a few glasses! If JF is cooking up some of his hometown favorites, we’ll head straight to the French selection.

Wine is meant to enhance an already pleasurable experience, help you relax after a day of work or compliment a delicious meal. It’s never meant to be stressful, so forget what the books and experts say! Just enjoy.


Perfect Pairings this holiday season

Nothing pairs better with wine than good food and friends. This holiday season we’re here to help you with both!

Need to brush up on your food and wine pairing skills? Check out our new Food & Wine Pairing class on Saturday, November 12th! We’re teaming up with local private chef and sommelier, Torrence O’Haire, a.k.a the Starving Artist.

We can also provide you our services with:

Menu Consultations, including wine & food pairings

Private Parties/Events – guided wine classes, beverage service, or hire a private chef to wow your guests, but relieve the stress!

In-Store Classes – We offer wine classes every Saturday, but we’re happy to arrange another date or time for you and your friends.  Wednesdays or Saturdays, or any other with 10-days advance notice.

Let us know how we can be of service!