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Wednesday Wine Thoughts

We’re half-way to the weekend, but there’s no reason to wait! What will you be drinking tonight?

Customers often ask, “What do you prefer? Red or White?” My honest answer? “Both!” I love to start with a glass of crisp, palate cleansing white wine like Chateau Recougne Blanc from Bordeaux, then move on to red with dinner. Which red wine we drink depends on what we’re eating, but we don’t hold tight to rigid wine and food pairing rules.

Our rule of thumb is to match the regions. If we’re cooking up Middle Eastern fare, we’ll open a bottle of the surprisingly tasty Turkish Kavaklidere from Yakut. Say that after a few glasses! If JF is cooking up some of his hometown favorites, we’ll head straight to the French selection.

Wine is meant to enhance an already pleasurable experience, help you relax after a day of work or compliment a delicious meal. It’s never meant to be stressful, so forget what the books and experts say! Just enjoy.


What’s the buzz about Beaujolias Noveau?

Every year on the third Thursday of November, France releases its famous Beaujolais Nouveau! No one anywhere in the world can sell a bottle of this light bodied, celabratory red before 12:01am that day and it commonly sells out within weeks.

A light, fruit-forward red wine, Beaujolais Nouveau is easy on the palate because of the minimal tannins (the cause of the mouth-drying sensation of red wine), so even if you usually pass on the red, partake in this one!

Beaujolais Nouveau is  food friendly wine that graces Thanksgiving day dinner tables all over the US. Serve it slightly chilled to bring out the best of the wine’s fruit character. Putting it in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes before serving will do the trick!

It’s meant to be consumed young, so buy, pour & party!

Want to try before you buy? Visit us this week for Sampling Saturday, 2 to 5pm and we’ll do the pouring for you!

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